Long-lasting, penetrating concrete sealer for floors, brick, stone, and other masonry. A chemically reactive deep penetrating sealer that permanently fuses within porous substrates of concrete, brick, stone, and mortar to significantly increase surface strength, combat freeze/thaw damage, and limit penetration of staining agents.


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Sq Ft
you will need:
you will need:
*Coverage may vary due to porosity and texture of substrate.
Covers 200 Sq. Ft.
per gallon
Apply as soon as Day
1 (curing compound)
Combats freeze/
thaw damage
Minimizes dusting,
scaling and cracking
Reduces stain
Slows mold and
mildew growth
Restricts hydrostatic
Compatible with
surface coatings, glue and tape
V-SEAL® 101 MULTI-SURFACE Applications


  • Mortar
  • stucco
  • pavers
  • block
  • natural stone
  • artificial stone
  • driveways
  • parking decks
  • sidewalks
  • patios
  • roads
  • basements
  • countertops
  • mantels
  • furniture
  • ponds
  • fountains
  • statues
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V-Seal vs competitors
QUALITY commercial grade sealer
WAIT TIME apply as soon as day 1
(curing agent)
SERVICE live technical support with 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE
LONGEVITY 1 - 3 Years
QUALITY Diluted/Reduced Solids
WAIT TIME Apply After 30 Days
SERVICE Limited Contact and
Product Knowledge


  • Test porosity by pouring water over surface.
  • Remove loose debris, mildew, topical oil, paint, or other surface coatings and make sure surface is dry.
Recommended Cleaning Agent

An industrial strength alkaline cleaner designed to tackle even the toughest cleaning needs on most cementitious surfaces. Effective on oil, dirt, tire marks and harshly blemished more


  • Apply V-Seal 101 uniformly with a broom, roller, or low- pressure sprayer. If puddles form, disperse them immediately.
  • Wash application materials with warm water.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between V-SEAL 101 and V-SEAL 102?
V-SEAL 101 and V-SEAL 102 are very similar products as they are both reactive penetrating sealers with identical amounts of siliconate active ingredient, but are optimized for different substrate types. V-SEAL 101 contains additives that help it soak into more dense substrates such as concrete floors, brick, stone, and stucco. V-SEAL 102 contains additives that allow it to exceed curing standards for broom finished concrete while also making it more efficient for sealing broom finished concrete and porous block.
When can V-SEAL 101 be applied?
V-SEAL 101 can be applied as soon as the surface is hard enough to hold the weight of a worker without marring, and the bleed water has evaporated from the surface, or on existing porous concrete at any time with regard to weather.
What are the temperature and weather constraints for concrete sealer application?
V-SEAL 101 is water based and must be applied above freezing temperatures for the duration of the reaction process. This process is similar to the drying time of water. V-SEAL 101 should not be applied if rain is imminent.
What sealer application tools will I need?
For larger applications a pump sprayer can help get the product onto the surface fast, but whenever possible, we recommend having a broom, roller, or squeegee around to help disperse puddling and break the surface tension for maximum penetration.
Will V-SEAL 101 change the appearance of my concrete?
If properly applied, V-SEAL 101 typically will not alter the appearance of your substrate noticeably. If overapplied and left to dry in puddles, all reactive penetrating sealers can result in a white, chalky film or residue that is not detrimental to your concrete and typically dissipates with weathering and traffic within the course of a year or less, or can be removed immediately with abrasion (pressure washing, sanding, scrubbing, in extreme cases grinding). Before all applications, we recommend a small test to ensure compatibility and satisfaction.
Can V-SEAL 101 be colored?
We do not currently offer a tint that can be mixed with V-SEAL 101, but we do offer stains and dyes that can be applied before applying V-SEAL 101. Acetone dyes systems often dry quickly enough for V-SEAL 101 to be applied the same day.
I’m having trouble removing the cap on my V-SEAL 101 five gallon pail.
If you are encountering issues removing the cap, we recommend using the claw-end of a hammer to pry the cap off. The plastic cap is pliable enough to screw back on the container after prying free. You may also poke a hole into the top of container to relieve pressure, making the cap easier to unscrew.
Can I apply topical coatings or paint over V-SEAL 101?
Yes! V-SEAL 101 is a great moisture blocking primer that should be used at least 24 hours before applying a suitable topical coating. It is the first product we recommend when tackling hydrostatic pressure/underlying moisture issues before applying a topical coating.
Can I apply V-SEAL 101 if another sealer has already been applied?
Generally, V-SEAL 101 should not be applied if another sealer has been applied, unless the previous sealer can be removed completely. V-SEAL 101 requires the surface to be porous enough for penetration. A good rule of thumb: if water cannot soak into the surface, V-SEAL 101 will not be able to either.
When should I re-apply V-SEAL 101?
We recommend reapplying V-SEAL 101 when the substrate that has been previously treated begins accepting moisture with no resistance. If you see beading or sheeting of moisture, the sealer is still present within that substrate. However, if the surface can absorb water, more sealer may be applied.
How do I know I have applied enough V-SEAL 101? Is one coat enough?
When applying V-SEAL 101 to a substrate, the goal is to apply to the point of rejection. This will occur when the pores of the substrate are fully saturated, and the product will no longer soak into the substrate. The excess sealer that is puddling on the surface must be removed from the surface, or moved to an area that has not been saturated. If applied to the point of rejection, a second application is very rarely needed, and typically results in overapplication. However, if the surface can absorb water easily in any areas, more sealer can be applied in those areas.
What are the shelf-life and storage recommendations for V-SEAL 101?
V-SEAL 101 has a 2 year shelf life when unopened and not allowed to freeze. Leftover 101 should be recapped and stored in a temperature controlled area that does not allow it to freeze. Product older than 2 years is likely still useful, but should be stirred well and tested before use on a larger application to ensure it has not been contaminated over time. Extended storage can result in product settling, but should recover with mixing.
How do I dispose of leftover V-SEAL 101?
If you would not like to save leftover V-SEAL, please contact your local authority to ensure accordance with local, state, and federal laws.
Shelf Life: 2 years unopened when stored in a dry area without freezing
Coverage rate: 200-300 sq. ft. per gallon broom finish/rough
150-300 sq. ft. per gallon porous block
Drying Time: To touch: 1-3 hours
Traffic: 6-12 hours
Solubility in Water: Excellent Evaporation Rate: Similar to water
Appearance and Odor: White — slightly amine
Finish: Flat/Clear
Volatile by Volume: 0 g/L voc
Flashpoint: N/A
Available packaging: 1 gallon jugs
5 gallon pails
55 gallon drums
Download the Fact Sheet