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V-Seal 102

V-Seal 102

Coverage: Maximum exterior protection for broom finish concrete and meets ASTM C309.

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V-SEAL® 102 Winter Guard is a chemically reactive penetrating sealer that permanently fuses within porous broom finish concrete and porous concrete block (CMU block). V-SEAL® 102 will significantly increase surface strength, combat freeze/thaw damage, and limit penetration of stains such as oil, gas, grease, and salt. V-SEAL® 102 reduces dusting, retards mold and mildew, restricts efflorescence and hydrostatic moisture, and imparts waterproof characteristics. V-SEAL® 102 is breathable with minimal impact to traction coefficient. V-SEAL® 102 creates a cross-linked insoluble internal membrane barrier that will wear away only if the substrate itself wears away below sealer penetration.

VSEAL® 102 has been tested to exceed ASTM C666 Freeze/Thaw Test 1000+ cycles .0096 (standard 300 cycles .060) and pass ASTM C672 Scaling Resistance Test with no scaling). V-SEAL® 102 meets all criteria of ASTM C156 and AASHTO M 148. V-SEAL® 102 is a clear, waterborne, membrane-forming curing compound in compliance with ASTM C309, Type 1, Class B, nondissipating.


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