Restaurant Floor Sealers

V‑SEAL products help create durable, attractive, easy-to-clean restaurant floors that meet necessary federal guidelines.
Restaurant floor sealers must adhere to specific federal guidelines while providing long-lasting, attractive, easy-to-clean, restaurant floors.
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Restaurant floors must meet demanding requirements from the federal government, while being easy to clean without damaging standard mops and cleaning equipment. A combination of penetrating concrete sealer and acrylic topical sealers should be used to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal.

Industra-Seal 117A Lithium/Silicate Densifier can be sprayed or rolled on to increase strength, as well as stain and dust repellence. The Industra‑Coat Epoxy/Urethane Kits should also be applied with a paint roller and is a true commercial topical coating system, used widely at restaurants, factories and offices nationwide.

Suggested Product Types:
Penetrating Sealers:

Crystallize minerals in the substrate just below the surface. V-SEAL offers sealers that are hydrophobic and oleophobic.

Topical Sealers:

Form a membrane layer over the substrate surface adding protection from moisture stains, chemicals, grease, gas, oils, and adding decorative elements such as high shine or color.

pro tip no. 13
V-Scrub is recommended for use on cement substrates and surfaces, not wood, plastic or metal.

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