Garage Floors

V-SEAL can help you protect and maintain your garage floor with professional-grade sealers used by car companies around the world.
Residential Garage floors can be protected, maintained, and beautified by the same sealers used at GM, Chrysler, Ford, Toyota, and Honda.
V-SEAL Expert
A combination of penetrating sealers and topical coatings should be used by homeowners to protect and strengthen their garage floors. Industra-Seal 117A Lithium/Silicate Densifier can be sprayed or rolled on smooth concrete to increase strength, stain repellence and dust repellence. Additionally, Industra-Gloss SB or Industra Gloss SB LVOC provide beautiful color enhancement, a wet look and protection for decorative concrete, exposed aggregate and other masonry. For porous concrete, V‑SEAL 101 Multi-Surface Penetrating Sealer is the most versatile option.
Suggested Product Types:
Penetrating Sealers:

Crystallize minerals in the substrate just below the surface. V-SEAL offers sealers that are hydrophobic and oleophobic.

Topical Sealers:

Form a membrane layer over the substrate surface adding protection from moisture stains, chemicals, grease, gas, oils, and adding decorative elements such as high shine or color.

pro tip no. 12
Spread ReKRETE evenly over the concrete going long ways, then width ways, in a crossover pattern, to ensure a smooth layering on the surface.