Encaustic Cement Tile

Protect this beautiful tile from freeze/thaw damage and stains with V‑SEAL's specific sealing process.
V-SEAL has perfected a sealing process specifically engineered for encaustic cement tile, providing lasting protection from environmental elements and staining.
V-SEAL Expert
Encaustic Cement Tiles are manufactured using colorful cement patterns that are placed by hand into the tile, creating an artistry that can last for hundreds of years. While often seen in high-profile hotels, this type of tile is increasingly popular among homeowners who can afford it. V-SEAL’s concrete sealers are essential in protecting these beautiful floors. For residential applications, we recommend two coats of TK6 NanoCoat, applying approximately 400 sq ft per gallon on the first coat and 600 sq ft per gallon on the second coat.
Suggested Product Types:
Penetrating Sealers:

Crystallize minerals in the substrate just below the surface. V-SEAL offers sealers that are hydrophobic and oleophobic.

Topical Sealers:

Form a membrane layer over the substrate surface adding protection from moisture stains, chemicals, grease, gas, oils, and adding decorative elements such as high shine or color.

pro tip no. 10
Solvent based acrylics, such as INUDSTRA-GLOSS SB, will provide high color enhancement and high gloss.