Parking Garages

V-SEAL works with contractors and maintenance staffs to protect Parking Garages - and the expensive property within them. These demanding applications require sealers that increase strength, repel moisture, protect from salt, grease, oil, gasoline and dirt without diminishing critical traction:

Penetrating Sealers which crystallize minerals in the substrate just below the surface. V-SEAL offers sealers that are hydrophobic and oleophobic.

Topical Sealers which form a membrane layer over the substrate surface adding protection from moisture stains, chemicals, grease, gas, oils, and adding decorative elements such as high shine or color.

It is not uncommon to utilize a combination approach utilizing a Penetrating Densifier/Hardeners to gain maximum strength and block subterranean moisture intrusion and Topical Sealers for high performance and decorative appeal.

Penetrating Sealers

  • INDUSTRA-SEAL 100*  Hydrophobic sealer.
  • INDUSTRA-SEAL 100+*  Hydrophobic and oleophobic sealer.
  • V-SEAL 101  Broom finish floors and porous walls, and walls that are to be painted.
  • V-SEAL Phase 2
  • V-STOP WB-HD®  Heavy duty water repellent for walls.

Topical Sealers

  • Industra-Coat EPOXY/URETHANE Kits
  • StoneLok 200 Series with StoneLok URETHANE*

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