V-SEAL advisors help architects, engineers, contractors and homeowner prevent water and other liquids from penetrating cementitious substrates with two main product categories which are often combined. Methods vary in degree from 3# to 5# of moisture resistance to completely water-proof solutions:

Penetrating Sealers which crystallize minerals in the substrate just below the surface. This strengthens the surface, blocks surface moisture intrusion, blocks subterranean moisture intrusion, and keeps stains topical. Penetrating sealers result in a nearly invisible flat appearance and have almost no effect upon traction. V-SEAL offers a variety of solutions for floors, walls, roofs, containment areas, chemical environments, and other vital areas. Many of these sealers are also receptive to paint, carpet, and mastics used for tile and laminate flooring.

Topical Sealers which form a membrane layer over the substrate surface protecting from moisture and stains and adding decorative elements such as shine, color, and decorative flakes.
It is not uncommon to utilize a combination approach utilizing a Penetrating Sealers to gain maximum strength and block subterranean moisture intrusion and Topical Sealers for long lasting decorative appeal.

Penetrating Sealers

  • Industra-Seal 100 and 100+* Harsh conditions such as parking garages and sea walls.
  • Industra-Seal 117  Smooth trowel floors.
  • V-SEAL101  Standard finish floors and porous walls, and walls that are to be painted.
  • V-SEAL Phase 2
  • V-STOP WB-HD®  The ultimate water repellent for walls.

Topical Sealers

  • Industra-Coat MVT 12#* epoxy moisture barrier
  • StoneLok 200 Series*
  • T1 & T2*

V-SEAL offers the world’s largest sealer selection – including many products beyond the scope of this website.  To review your commercial project with a Technical Advisor, order commercial products, or receive detailed specifications and price quotations, please contact:



V-SEAL's extensive list of products includes 20 Year Concrete Sealer, Concrete Driveway Sealer, Concrete Floor Sealer, Warehouse Floor Sealer, Parking Garage Sealer, Patio Sealer, Basement Sealer, Concrete Block Sealer, Waterproof Sealer, Clay Brick Sealer, Floor Epoxy, Garage Epoxy, Urethane Sealer, Polyaspartic Sealer, Concrete Curing Agents, UV Lamps, UV Curing Sealer, Concrete Countertop Sealer, Concrete Repair Products, Crack Sealant, Joint Sealant, Concrete Cleaner, Efflorescence Cleaner, and more.