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Stonelok™ E3/2K2 Countertop Kits

Stonelok™ E3/2K2 Countertop Kits


Kits contain enough of each product for designated square footage.

Product Description: The world’s leading topical coating system for concrete counter tops.

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Fact Sheet

StoneLok™ E3/2K2 Kits have the highest chemical and abrasion resistance of any topical coating system we have ever seen, and have dominated the countertop market for the past 15 years. StoneLok™ E3/2K2 Kits are water-based (food safe), unmatched stain resistance (coffee, wine, soda, vinegar, citrus, Tabasco, acetone, gasoline, Clorox and more), unbeaten abrasion resistance, 400 degree heat resistance (even a lit cigarette), available in gloss and satin(XLG) finish. This system is also widely used by homeowners around the world.

StoneLok™ Kits include:
Step 1: O-S/W™ concrete conditioner concentrate (adhesion/binding agent)
Step 2: E3 epoxy (Parts A & B)
Step 3: 2K2 urethane (Parts A &B)

Product Description:
StoneLok™ E3 is the only 3rd generation waterborne epoxy on the current market. This new technology in resins and catalyst chemistry provides dramatic improvement over even the most recent epoxy resin modifications used by other manufacturers.

StoneLok™ E3 is characterized by superb adhesion to a wide range of substrates. It has outstanding abrasion, chemical, and superior UV resistance compared to other epoxies.

StoneLok™ 2K2 is a water-dilutable/dispersible 2-component polyurethane system intended for the most rigorous commercial, industrial and architectural installations.

StoneLok™ 2K2 abrasion resistance is 400% better than most floor coatings. UV, heat & chemical resistances are exceptional. Performance characteristics make 2K2 ideal as the finish coat for an incredibly wide range of installations from countertops to airplane hangars, retail stores or restaurants.

StoneLok™ 2K2 requires precise, skilled application, but the end result is possibly the most durable sealer that can be applied to engineered cements, concrete, tile, dimensional stone, and other architectural building materials.


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