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Coval Concrete Coat (Graffiti Repellent)

Coval Concrete Coat (Graffiti Repellent)


Coval Concrete Coat Gloss is a coating for protecting concrete & masonry surfaces from the destructive forces of water, chloride ion penetration, food & beverage acids, bird and animal waste matter, salt spray, gum, and graffiti. Concrete & Masonry Coat is peel and flake resistant. Available in a gloss or satin finish. Can be applied over Coval Quick Seal & Enhance.

It is durable, UV stable, peel and flake resistant and extends the life of concrete surfaces.

Coval Concrete Coat does not simply sit on the surface. Instead it forms a covalent molecular bond with the concrete creating a superior barrier against moisture, oil, mild acids, stains, abrasion and graffiti.

Coval Concrete Coat is cost-effective. It requires less maintenance, is easy to clean and lasts longer than traditional concrete coatings so offers significant cost and labor advantages.

Use Coval Concrete Coat on masonry, poured concrete, concrete counter-tops and brick.

Coval Concrete Coat can also be used as a final protective layer over our Quick Seal and Enhance for an incredibly fast and incredibly beautiful stained concrete floor system.

Tough, durable, environmentally sound and free of carcinogens.



Coverage: 400 - 600 sf per gallon dependent on substrate porosity *V-SEAL 101 is recommended to be applied first on porous substrates to increase coverage.