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In 1996 V-SEAL pioneered the development of modern high performance Concrete Countertop Sealers.  We offer the #1 Topical Sealer system used by counter top professionals and the #1 Penetrating Sealer system used by counter top professionals.  All of our #1 systems have been used and endorsed by the Concrete Countertop Institute (C.C.I.) and have been demonstrated in the classes and seminars in North Carolina and around the world. V-SEAL Concrete Countertop Systems offer you years of beautiful, natural, maintenance-free Concrete Countertops.

#1 Topical Sealer System: Stonelok E3/2K2 is water-based (food safe), unmatched stain resistance (coffee, wine, soda, vinegar, citrus, Tabasco, acetone, gasoline, Clorox and more), unbeaten abrasion resistance, 400 degree heat resistance (even a lit cigarette), available in gloss and satin finish.  This system is also widely used by homeowners around the world.

Stonelok E3/2K2 Epoxy/Urethane Countertop Kits
For over 20 years Stonelok has set the standard for sealing concrete floors.  Unmatched stain resistance to foods, oils, solvents and other chemicals, top abrasion ratings, and so heat resistance it will resist a lighted cigarette.  Available in three gloss levels, hundreds of colors, with traction ratings that meet Federal Guidelines.  Low VOC for all states including California.

Available in larger quantities and mid-gloss.  Please contact us.


New to the countertop market, TK6 NanoCoat is also manufactured by the creators of StoneLok E3/2K2. This product is less involved in application (no mixing), and slightly lower in resistances to abrasion and heat than the StoneLok kits, for approximately 1/3 the price:

TK6 NanoCoat
TK6 NanoCoat is a new single component nano-based copolymer with the scratch resistance and chemical resistance of urethane, but with no mixing.  TK6 is great for floors, countertops, brick, stone, pavers, stucco and micro-toppings.  TK6 is water clear, suitable for interior and exterior applications, and available in low gloss or matte finish.  The Green Technology waterborne formula is low odor and with only 95 VOC suitable for even Southern California.

#1  Penetrating Sealer System - Counter top professionals (and homeowners) use penetrating sealers for exterior applications, vanity tops, furniture, mantels and other areas where a moisture blocking primer is needed before applying a stain resistant topical coating. V-SEAL® 101 may be used before StoneLok E3/2K2 or TK6 NanoCoat for maximum protection from moisture and stains, or by itself stain resistance to food is not the major performance criteria. V-SEAL® 101 has been their leading choice in penetrating sealers for counter tops for over two decades.

V-SEAL® 101  Multi-Surface Penetrating Sealer
Our original cross-linking chemistry and most versatile sealer for all porous concrete, exposed aggregate, brick, stone and other masonry.

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