V-SEAL Concrete Sealers supports Columbus Students

V-SEAL Concrete Sealers supports Columbus Students

Cristo Rey High School is a Catholic, college-preparatory high school with a Professional Work Study Program empowering young men and women of all faiths, from economically challenged families, to graduate from college and achieve a lifetime of success. Cristo Rey Columbus targets under-served youth in central Ohio.

The Board Welcomes Your Support

The Cristo Rey Columbus High School Board continues to seek financial support in the form of grants, donations and pledges. You can also support the school by becoming a partner in the Professional Work Study Program.

Opened in 2013

Cristo Rey Columbus is the 26th Cristo Rey high school in the United States and will join a network of Catholic high schools throughout the country that make a college-preparatory education accessible to students of all faith denominations in some of the most challenging economic circumstances.

Working to Learn and Learning to Work

What makes Cristo Rey unique is the Professional Work Study Program that helps fund the students’ education. With this innovative educational model, each student works five days per month. School fees are paid by employers for student work, and this comprises the majority of the school budget.

Giving Students Educational Options

The model allows Cristo Rey schools to educate students who have grown up facing poverty and few educational options. “Our students will be learning to work and working to learn,” said Jim Foley, Cristo Rey Columbus High School President. “By earning their own education, they will learn first-hand its value. By working in a professional setting, they will learn first-hand the importance of a college education.”

With Support of the Catholic Diocese of Columbus

Bishop Frederick Campbell and the Catholic Diocese of Columbus are sponsors of Cristo Rey Columbus High School. At a time when Catholic schools are closing across America, Cristo Rey schools continue in the tradition of the Catholic Church by educating those most in need. Last year, 98% of last year’s Cristo Rey seniors graduated. All of these graduates were accepted into college.

Doing Our Part

V-SEAL Concrete Sealers believes in supporting our local community, especially when it comes to opportunities for our youth. Donations to Cristo Rey help support National Honor Society memberships, uniforms, overnight retreats, college visits, care packages for alumni, and more.

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Decorative Exterior Coatings - Solvent vs. Water Based Acrylics

Homeowners are always looking for ways to protect their exterior concrete and masonry projects. Decorative exterior coatings are a great way to protect concrete and masonry while enhancing the natural appearance of the surface.
Decorative concrete and masonry coatings that will be used on exterior surfaces must be breathable enough to allow trapped moisture to escape through evaporation, which is why acrylic resins are very popular in outdoor coatings. Less breathable options like epoxy and urethane are generally harder to use outdoor and are rarely recommended for exterior applications, but are great for interior projects with high traffic or where high stain resistances are necessary.

Acrylic coatings generally contain 15-30% acrylic resin (or solids) that is  carried in a water or solvent base. Solvent based acrylic coatings are most popular because they provide moderate to deep color enhancement (darkening) and multiple coats can lead to a glossier finish. Water based acrylics provide less color enhancement and gloss for a more natural finish. Solvent based acrylics are generally preferred because of their ease of re-application and wet look appearance. The best solvent based acrylic coatings are high solids (25% or more), and are carried in slow drying solvents (as opposed to , to allow more time for the product to soak in and adhere to the surface while reducing bubbles.

Volatile Organic Compound (V.O.C.) regulations vary from state to state, but V-SEAL offers options for all states:

Industra-Gloss SB (solvent based) - 25% Solids, for states with no extra V.O.C. regulations beyond the Federal level

Industra-Gloss 350 (low VOC solvent based) - 25% Solids, uses slow drying solvents that are exempt from V.O.C. calculations, same performance as Industra-Gloss SB, but must ship hazardous.

Low VOC States: OH, PA, IN, IL, NY, CT, DE, ME, MD, MA, NH, RI, CA

Industra-Gloss WB (water based, naturally low VOC)

V-SEAL® offers over 1000 products for curing, sealing, and cleaning concrete and masonry projects. A subset of our best selling products are available on our website, but for a truly customized system it is best to talk to one of our experienced technical advisors:

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What is Encaustic Tile and How do you Apply it?

What is Encaustic Tile and How do you Apply it?

V-SEAL has perfected a sealing process specifically engineered for Encaustic Tile

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