When it comes to high-quality products & expert support, V-SEAL has led the way since 1988

At V-SEAL, we’re usually not ones to brag. If it were only for self-promotion, we wouldn’t do it. But since 1988, we’ve had the privilege of supplying V-SEAL concrete sealers and coatings to many major companies and projects. While we’re certainly proud of the success we’ve had, we only promote it because at the end of the day, we truly believe that with our huge selection of almost 1000 sealer products we are a superior resource to assist homeowners, architects, and contractors around the world.

Recent success

In 2017, we have announced that our premium concrete sealers will be used by Love’s Travel Stops for various new builds across the country. We’ve also had the opportunity to support our fellow Americans working overseas at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut with V-SEAL 101 for some of their ongoing projects. 2017 has been great, but it’s not the first time major companies have turned to V-SEAL. 

Supporting commercial projects for over 25 years

At V-SEAL, we have over 10,000 clients on every continent except Antarctica. Those include smaller residential clients as well as larger commercial clients. We’ve had the pleasure of providing our high-quality products to Disney Land, Disney World, Universal Studios, Bush Gardens, Harvard University, Duke University, The Ohio State University, The Rose Bowl, Ohio Stadium, AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Bellagio, MGM, Hard Rock Café, NASA, airports in Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, and Cincinnati, and finally, the U.S. Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marines. 

V-SEAL supplied a custom blended ultra-clear, ultra-matte urethane to the Dallas Cowboys for AT&T Stadium.


V-SEAL provided a high-performance matte finish urethane system on
on handmade encaustic cement tile at the Boardwalk at Disney World in Orlando.


With many concrete sealer choices, why do these renowned companies turn to V-SEAL for some of their biggest projects? There are a few simple answers:

  • We provide premium, commercial-grade sealers and coatings that have been tested and proven over the years
  • Our high-performance products are durable and meet crucial safety and environmental standards
  • We have a wide selection of products that can seal and protect the most unique spaces and are perfect for a variety of jobs
  • Our trusted advisors have on-site experience and advise clients on everything from product selection, technical specs, and application
  • Our customer service is second to none

V-SEAL products are also available to homeowners

At V-SEAL, we not only provide commercial-grade products to corporations and architects around the world, but we also offer the same products for residential projects. Whether you’re an independent contractor or a homeowner looking for a do-it-yourself summer project, you can get the same premium sealer & coatings that are used on some of the biggest commercial projects in the world. If it’s good enough for the U.S. government, commercial airports, and popular tourist destinations – it’s good enough for your driveway!

When you’re ready to start your next project, start browsing our product selection and give us a call to speak with an expert about what product is right for you: 877-738-7325.