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V‑SEAL Concrete Countertop Systems offer you years of beautiful, natural, maintenance‑free Concrete Countertops.
V-SEAL’s #1 sealer systems have been used and endorsed by the Concrete Countertop Institute and have been demonstrated around the world.
V-SEAL Expert
V‑SEAL pioneered the development of modern high performance concrete countertop sealers and offers the #1 topical sealer system, #1 UV curing system, and the #1 penetrating sealer system used by countertop professionals. Stonelok E3/2K2 is a food-safe topical sealer with unmatched stain resistance. Surfaces should not be smoother than a 200-300 grit sand/grind and must be completely clean and dry before application. Coatings should be applied at the recommended wet thickness, generally 4-7 mils. If rolling onto the surface, roll in a “V” or “W” pattern, working quickly to apply the product thinly and evenly. TK6 NanoCoat and V-SEAL 101 Multi-Surface Penetrating Sealer are also preferred by countertop professionals.
Suggested Product Types:
Penetrating Sealers:

Crystallize minerals in the substrate just below the surface. V-SEAL offers sealers that are hydrophobic and oleophobic.

Topical Sealers:

Form a membrane layer over the substrate surface adding protection from moisture stains, chemicals, grease, gas, oils, and adding decorative elements such as high shine or color.

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Our expert technical advisors are available to answer any questions about your upcoming project.
V-SEAL offers the world’s largest sealer selection – including many products beyond the scope of this website. To review your commercial project with a Technical Advisor, order commercial products, or receive detailed specifications and price quotations, please contact: